Must Have Programs for Web Application Developers

Development Studio

Aptana Studio 3 is a customized version of the OpenSource Eclipse which runs any plugin compatible with Eclipse. One can manage many projects on any platform.

Aids in authoring of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. Supports the latest HTML5 specifications.

I highly recommend the <oXygen/> plugin for Eclipse when working with XML and XSLT.

The only downside to this IDE is that it is a beast to load after restarting one's system. It takes well over five minutes to load on my Macbook Pro i5.

Text Editors

Textmate is in fact the missing editor for Mac OS. But what if you're not a Mac user? Notepad ++ is a marvelous Windows based text editor.

What about Markdown?

It's one thing to write out a markdown file, but what if you want to see what your document looks like before publishing? Mou is a free markdown editor for Mac OS and better features than the MarkdownPro in Apple's AppStore. MarkdownPad is a full-featured Markdown editor for Windows.

Color Schemes

Pick apart a corporate logo into a color scheme in seconds with ColorSchemer on a Mac or PC. The program is tight and simple to use.